Research is our only option

Funds you raise at your Tea for Teal go straight to Mater’s world-class research institute—Mater Research—delivering medical and clinical research that takes research finding from ‘bench to bedside’ as quickly as possible. Helping to create better treatment plans for women

Your support will fund projects like 'Genomic changes driving ovarian cancer' led by Professor John Hooper at Mater Research. This project aims to develop approaches that will help create more individualised treatment plans for ovarian cancer patients. While there is still a long way to go, if successful, this research could turn ovarian cancer into a manageable disease, allowing women the chance to live longer and in better health.

It's time to change the future for women with ovarian cancer. Will you help us by hosting a Tea for Teal?

Click here to make your commitment to changing the future for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer today.



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